452 sidelock clip to mount on

The sidelock clip is adjustable in lengths. The metal band of the two-piece 452 grips the batten. The sidelock clip can be fitted without damaging the parallel running underlay, due to the clip end being slightly angled. Pre-installation along cord markings is possible.

Rows of 10 clips on adhesive tape ensure fast removal and reduce the risk of injury. The wire hook sits securely in the metal band of the clip after installation.

The pushing-in of the wire hook ensures a tight fit and guarantees a high level of security.

The storage on adhesive tape, the possibility of pre-installation and tool-free installation reduces the overall time considerably.

The clip is available for all standard batten dimensions and with a round and an angular hook. The product locator FOS ClipCHECK® determines the perfect clip by entering the area of application, the type of mounting, the roof tile and the batten. Stainless steel BS 301 S 22 or ZIAL® (zinc aluminium) coated surfaces guarantee long durability of the sidelock clip. The 452 is offered in small packaging units of 100 pieces each.

With round hook

FOS sidelock clip 452 001
172,0024,0006,022 - 26452001
172,0029,0006,027 - 31452002
202,0034,0006,032 - 36452003
187,0039,0006,037 - 41452004
Application picture Installation instructionProduct flyerVideo

With angular hook

FOS sidelock clip 452 005
172,0024,0007,022 - 26452005
172,0029,0007,027 - 31452006
187,0029,0007,027 - 31452009
202,0034,0007,032 - 36452007
187,0039,0007,037 - 41452008
202,0039,0007,037 - 41452010
Application picture Installation instructionProduct flyerVideo


  • Storm safety in compliance with professional standards.
  • High quality materials.
  • Deliverable in different lengths.
  • Deliverable in round and angular hook forms.
  • Suitable for standard wooden battens.
  • Suitable for most standard roof tiles.
  • Strengthened with corrugations.
  • Variable in length.
  • Possible for pre-installation.
  • Replacement of single tiles possible.
  • Tool-free installation.
  • Precise and slidable wire hooks prevents slipping.
  • Small packaging units.
  • Storage on adhesive strips.
  • Low risk of injury.
  • International patents EP NP.
  • Small packaging unit: 100 pcs.