FOS storm safety

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Products, advice and service for wind uplift resistance

It is our main objective to provide roof installers with all necessary products and accessories for planning and implementing repair works and tiling on pitched roofs and facades compliant to professional standards.

We can offer a wide range of high quality clips Made in Germany and tested according to EN 14437. Our storm clips can be ordered at your local retailer. For planning you can use our free online calculation tool FOS WindCHECK®. For assistance in implementing we have installation aids and video guides on our website.

You will benefit in many ways from using the necessary calculation and implementing wind uplift protection
  • You support houseowners with their legal obligation in keeping their property safe.
  • You protect houseowners by reducing costs due to storm damage.
  • You prevent material and personal damage caused by falling roof tiles and reduce risks for all of us.
  • Your customer is going to value you as an industry specialist.
  • Your overall turnover will increase.