Professional storm protection for pitched roofs

High-performance fixing with FOS storm clips

Storm protection is an increasingly hot topic. Media reports of heavy storms causing serious damage to roofs are becoming ever more frequent. A storm with winds of force 8 or higher doesn't just uproot trees, it can also rip the tiles off roofs with the accompanying rainfall often soaking buildings and rendering them uninhabitable. But lower wind speeds are also capable of causing damage: for example, individual tiles or slates loosened by the wind due to insufficient or incorrect fixing will allow the ingress of rain or snow into the roof-space, which can cause significant damage to the entire roof structure. Falling tiles are also a source of danger, causing serious risk of damage to cars or personal injury.
Stormclips from FOS FOS prevent roof damage

A stitch in time...

In order to spare contractors and home owners the costs and hassles of dealing with storm damage to roofs, there are now country-specific regulations in place throughout Europe. These prescribe the use of tested storm clips for new roof coverings. Rust-proof or corrosion-protected metal clips secure the roof tiles to the main battens and prevent tile uplift in strong winds. This additional anchorage is called professional wind uplift protection, but the term storm protection is probably more familiar to most home owners. The additional cost of employing a professional roofer or carpenter to properly secure one's roof is far lower than the cost of dealing with storm damage.