Storm clips

A huge diversity of roof tiles and facade panels are used on roofs across Europe. As such, a great variety of storm, ridge and façade clips are available for the wide variation of roof forms and sizes. With more than 6,000 products, FOS not only has the right fixing solution to protect any type of roof tiles and facade panels against storms and wind uplift, it also conducts testing to establish which fixing option is best suited for each application.

Clip selection made easy

To ensure that your storm protection complies with the building regulations and the Eurocode, it is essential that the clip fits optimally and holds the tile securely in place. The Product Finder FOS ClipCHECK® and our free professional Wind Uplift Calculation FOS WindCHECK® enable you to find the right product for your application quickly and easily. You just need to enter the roof tile and building specifications and the program will calculate which clips are best suited to your roofing project. In the case of storm clips, the results of the wind uplift calculation also include a dimensioned diagram detailing the level of fixing required for specific roof areas. If you choose to use a storm clip not specified by the software, FOS cannot guarantee regulation-compliant storm protection.

The clip types offered are categorised for the following uses:
  • Fixing on roofs or facades
  • Application in special roof areas, such as ridges or verges
  • Application for specific tile shapes, such as "beaver tail" plain roof tiles