FOS industry partner

Your competitive advantage

Perfectly fitting storm safety clips adapted to your products.

FOS supports you as an industrial partner in new and further developments of your roof tiles. During the development stage, a suitable fitting is considered and planned. This helps to avoid unnecessary and costly changes at a later stage. In addition you also have a fitting ready in time for the market launch of your new product..
The roofers benefit from a roofing system with original accessories for specific tiles, snow and storm safety adapted to the roof tile in every way: The equipment can be selected, ordered and installed faster. Furthermore, an attractive overall appearance, a high resistance to rain and snow as well as high wind uplift protection for a long-lasting roof is ensured.
This win-win-situation leads to the following benefits for your company and customers:
  • The quality of your primary product group and in combination the sales success is likely to increase.
  • Offering your customers an attractive service – a great incentive for customer loyalty.
  • Offering your customers a complete package – a great way to generate more sales.
  • The quality of your industry specific knowledge is likely to increase.