FOS sidelock clips

FOS® Sidelock clips

Sidelock clips offer an excellent anchorage for the majority of roof tiles and ensure professional storm protection. On the lower part of the roof tile, at the sidelock, the clip secures three roof tiles simultaneously.

Sidelock clips are either fastened by hammering them into the batten and are independent of the batten, such as the 409®, the magazined 409®-2 and 409®b-2, the Nordmark® and the Multiblock 750. Or they are clamped behind the batten and can therefore be partially pre-assembled, such as the 417®, the 435, the 452 and the magazined 456®-2 and 499-2. One sidelock clip is offered for screwing, the 436.

FOS® provides a wide range of certified sidelock clips to ensure effective roof tile anchorage. All sidelock clips have been tested with a wide range of different roof tiles using our in-house testing rig in accordance with EN 14437 "Determination of the uplift resistance of installed clay or concrete tiles for roofing – Roof system test method".