FOS air-heating pump

Sustainable business at FOS®

Our 10-point plan

Honest gratitude for our natural resources, the development of sustainable products and the implementation of climate-friendly production processes have been an important focus point as part of the FOS® corporate culture for many years.

These values guide our daily actions and provide the base of our 10-point plan for sustainable business and climate friendliness at FOS®:

    1. 100 % recyclable products, separated by material in aluminium and steel.
    2. 100% recyclable packaging, all made of cardboard.
    3. Consistent recycling and take-back of transport packaging.
    4. Long product life aims to minimise the CO2 footprint.
    5. Preference for regional (≤ 100 km) and sustainable suppliers.
    6. Environmentally and socially responsible production entirely in Germany.
    7. Strengthening social cohesion through good working conditions and social commitment in the regional and national environment.
    8. Environmentally friendly heat generation by means of air-heating pumps and waste heat utilisation.
    9. 50% of the FOS company fleet is already electrified.
    10. Certification with EcoVadis.
During the current situation of global climate change, scarcity of resources and social grievances, FOS® has specifically created a dedicated team, which is working on permanently increasing our contribution towards sustainability at all levels of value creation. We have made this promise to our grandchildren.