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Our history

FOS is a family-run business in its fifth generation

The company Wilhelm Lüling was founded in Altena-Dahle by Friedrich Ossenberg-Schule. The small town surrounding the medieval Altena Castle was shaped by the metal and wire industry as early as the 14th century. The beginnings of the metal processing company were quite modest. Shoemaker tools and metal household goods were manufactured. The founder Friedrich Ossenberg-Schule was a blacksmith and his family worked hard to make a living. The industrial depression was particularly depriving. During the Second World War, production continued to be very limited.

After the war, the company specialized into producing roof, ridge and facade clips. Due to innovative product design, various patents were filed. Modern concrete construction and new technical regulations in Germany brought a particular boost in 2011. In the recent decades company headquarters and the production plants have been constantly expanding, the workforce has grown to currently 90 employees.

Due to the commitment of management and staff, a small start-up developed into a well-positioned, internationally active company. The company's history is shaped by the people who have worked and are currently working at FOS.

Friedrich Ossenberg-Schule GmbH + Co KG is a family-run business in its fifth generation. The modesty of the former shareholders and their Christian involvement are seen as model behaviour. The current generation also lives and acts according to these values.

25th anniversary subsidiary Saxony.


Relocation from Altena-Dahle to the newly constructed production and administration building in Hemer-Deilinghofen. Renamed Friedrich Ossenberg School GmbH + Co KG.


Change of trade regulations in Germany, storm protection on pitched roofs is now required by law.


100th company anniversary.


Jan Kaemper, the son of Eberhard Kaemper, takes over the management from his father. The workforce has grown to 50 employees.


Extending the sales area to foreign-language countries in Europe.


Founding of the Ossenberg-Schule Administration Company GmbH and subsequent renaming of the company.


Saxony: the Auerbach plant is relocated to the newly constructed production facility in Treuen.


Foundation of a new production facility in Vogtland, Saxony. For this purpose a building in Auerbach was acquired.


Eberhard Kaemper takes over the management from his father-in-law Kurt-Heinz Kaemper.


Expansion of sales to German-speaking countries in Europe.


The son of Albert Ossenberg-Schule, Kurt-Heinz Ossenberg-Schule, accepts the position of general manager.


Founding of Limited partnership Friedrich Ossenberg-Schule & Söhne KG.


Founding of a General partnership Fr. Ossenberg-Schule & Söhne.


Death of the founder Friedrich Ossenberg Schule.


Founding of the Friedrich Ossenberg-Schule & Sons, metal trading company with limited liability. Expansion of the product range to include storm brackets for the roofing trade, which form the main focus of production and sales today.


Range was expanded to produce mattress chains due to the high demand for mattress parts and accessories after the end of the war. Friedrich Ossenberg-Schule hands over the company to his five sons. Son Albert Ossenberg-Schule takes over the company reigns.


During the First World War production of army articles. Conversion of the company to electric power.


Founding of the company Wilhelm Lüling successor owner Fr. Ossenberg-Schule in Altena-Dahle by the blacksmith Friedrich Ossenberg-Schule. His family and ancestors also had a history working as wiredrawers and blacksmiths. The machinery park consisted of three small bending machines that were powered by a 2-horsepower petrol engine. Typically manufactured goods included shoemaker tools, mass-produced wire articles, simple metal household items and toys.