FOS head-sidelock clip 453-2 magazined for ClipHOLSTER

FOS® Head-sidelock clips

Head-sidelock clips have the dual function of holding down the head of one tile and the tail of another. These clips are the only suitable storm clips for roof tiles which do not have a "four-fold overlapping" in the "4-tile corner".

Head-sidelock clips are either fastened by hammering them into the batten, such as the magazined 453-2, the 454 and the Multiblock 750, or clamped behind the batten, such as the 416 or the magazined 492®-2.

FOS® provides a wide range of certified head- sidelock clips to ensure effective roof tile anchorage. All head-sidelock clips have been tested with a wide range of different roof tiles using our in-house testing rig in accordance with EN 14437 "Determination of the uplift resistance of installed clay or concrete tiles for roofing – Roof system test method".