FOS Video Beratung

Arranging a video consultation

Your queries, our response - fast and efficient

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed our behavior: face to face meetings at trade fairs or in the office are difficult to arrange and now only possible with restrictions. Therefor we are pleased to offer another way of reaching out to our clients. A meeting at a location of your choice. Via video conferencing, close communication is possible, from answering your queries about products and information about new products to demonstrating the FOS WindCHECK®, our online wind uplift calculation tool. The technical customer service team at FOS® is now available to you online.

This is how video consulting works:

  • For a video call via "Teams" you will need a device with internet connection, e.g. a PC with camera and microphone, a laptop or a smartphone. It is not necessary to install a program or create an account.
  • You can arrange a consultation appointment with your personal consultant or by e-mail to You will then receive a confirmation of the appointment by e-mail with all the information required.
  • At the agreed time for the appointment, you can click on the link we sent you to start the connection to your FOS® consultant directly.

Our technical customer service team will be happy to help you with these topics:

  • Your enquiries regarding our products and services.
  • Technical questions about storm protection according to current standards.
  • Information about new products and services.
  • Information about online seminars with live demonstrations.
  • Explanation of the online calculation tools.
  • Check and if necessary guidelines for your warehouse stock.