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Useful FOS services

Installation instructions, on-site support, help with new developments

Installation instructions with illustrations

FOS clips are quick and easy to use. To ensure 100 % professional storm protection, all standard products come with easy-to-follow installation instructions containing short descriptions and clear illustrations that enable roofers and carpenters to instantly see how to install the storm clips correctly.

International on-site support

Each country has its own specific regulations regarding the anchoring of roofing materials and façades.

FOS advises roof tile manufacturers on export matters. As an industry partner, it is essential that you comply with all the relevant rules and regulations. We bring many years of experience and expertise to the table and guide you through the minefield of regulations that apply in individual European countries.

Help with new developments

FOS can help with the development of your new and existing roof tiles by working together with you at the design stage to plan compatible fixing solutions. This saves you unnecessary costs for subsequent design changes and ensures that you are up and running with compatible fixing solutions as soon as you go to market.