FOS storm clips for wind suction protection

Our offer to retailers:

Reliability and customer focus

It is our main objective to provide all retailing partners with FOS products for fixing and securing covering material on roofs and facades with great reliability. We can offer a wide range of high quality storm clips, ridge-tile clips and slate hooks Made in Germany and tested according to EN 14437. The sales of FOS storm clips is handled exclusively by our retailing partners.
FOS will keep you up to date, provides you with online service tools for the correct clip selection for your customer needs; we offer seminars and even support you with marketing ideas to increase your sales. With FOS you can supply roofers with all the necessary products and information they need to be compliant with professional standards for wind uplift protection on pitched roofs.
The roofers will benefit from your offer to supply them with storm safety accessories fitting the covering materials in many ways: You will receive all necessary products and information to plan and conduct the wind uplift security in compliance with professional standards. Due to this assistance roofers can wise their customers about legal duty to maintain safety. The implementation of wind uplift securities leads to increase in turnover of craftsmanship’s and safety for everybody.
You will also benefit from this win-win-situation:
  • You can offer your customers additional accessories and increase your turnover.
  • You can offer a professional service which benefits customer relations.
  • The quality of your industry expertise will increase.