428b head-foot clip for hollow tiles to mount on

The head-foot clip 428b is specifically developed for hollow tiles. It is attached at the back of the tile. The clip is hooked around the batten then through the lug of the tile. The second tile is then pushed onto the end of the clip via the lug. Therefor each clip secures two tiles. The advantage of the rear fastening is that rain protection is not compromised.

The 428b is available in a variety of sizes to suit your application. With the product finder FOS ClipCHECK®, the specific clip can be quickly determined by specifying the area of application, the installation method and the batten size. Stainless steel BS 301 S 22 or ZIAL® (zinc aluminium) coated surfaces guarantee long durability of the head-foot clip. The 428b is offered in packaging units of 250 pieces each.

Stamp of approval DIN EN 14437FOS quality Made in Germany and tested according to DIN EN 14437

This storm clip has been produced in FOS® quality Made in Germany and tested according to DIN EN 14437.

FOS head-food clip for pantiles 428b
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033,0151,038 x XX428b04
039,0151,040 x XX428b02
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Application picture Installation instruction


  • Storm safety in compliance with professional standards.
  • Suitable for standard wooden battens.
  • Tool-free installation.
  • International patents EP NP.
  • Packaging unit: 250 pcs.