403®b head-foot clip to drive in

The 403®b drive-in head-foot clip sits in the overlap area between two roof tiles and hold them in the head and foot areas. It effectively prevents the roof tiles from slipping downwards and can in particular be used as fixings or an installation aid for cut pieces. It is advisable to use it in connection with hollow tiles.

Note: Different types are required depending on the overlap dimensions, thickness and shape of the roof tiles. The interlocking joint must be removed from the clip area if other roof tile types are fixed. The suitable assignment can be found in the FOS ClipCHECK®. Stainless steel BS 304 S 15 guarantees long durability of the head-foot clip. The 403®b is offered in packaging units of 500 pieces each.

Stamp of approval DIN EN 14437FOS quality Made in Germany and tested according to DIN EN 14437

This storm clip has been produced in FOS® quality Made in Germany and tested according to DIN EN 14437.

Foot holder 14.5 x 18 mm, round

FOS head-foot clip 403b 006
Application picture Installation instruction


  • Suitable for cut pieces at hip.
  • Suitable as replacement nibs in case of missing hanging nibs.
  • Can be used in a variety of ways as installation aid at connections and terminations.
  • Drive-in aid.
  • High quality materials.
  • Suitable for standard wooden battens.
  • Replacement of single tiles possible.
  • Packaging unit: 500 pcs.