415®b beaver tail clip to screw

The beaver tail clip 415®b fixes the top row. The securing of the top row is legally required whenever the professional standard calls for fixing the ridge. In this case every beaver in the row has to be fixed. The benefit of using the 415®b is that the requirements of the professional standards are met. Two bulges prevent wobbling of the tile on the screw head and make sure that the last layer of tiles sits flat and evenly.

The 415®b is available to suit different beaver tails. With assistance of the FOS ClipCHECK® the allocation can be made quickly, you just have to type in the roof area, installation type, the roof tile and batten size. Stainless steel BS 304 S 15 guarantees long durability of the clip. The 415®b is offered in small packaging units of 100 pieces each.
FOS beaver tail clip 415b
aBeaver thicknessCode
013,010 - 12415b01
016,013 - 15415b02
019,016 - 18415b03
022,019 - 22415b04
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  • Suitable for crown roof truss beneath ridge.
  • High quality materials.
  • Deliverable in various sizes depending on beaver thicknesses.
  • Small packaging unit: 100 pcs.