513 hip and valley clip to fix by wire

The ridge and valley clip 513 from FOS provides a reliable and universally applicable solution for securing cut roof tiles on ridges, valleys, and other junctions and terminations. It ensures professional securing against the slippage of roof tiles and beaver-tail tiles. For beaver-tail tiles, clip 513 can assume the function of the cut-off nose.

With its four collars and two claws, this clip offers a 100% secure hold even on uneven surfaces or on roof tiles with embossed writing on the back. It is equipped with a binding wire for attachment to the ridge or valley. The 513 is easy to insert and securely fix to the roof batten. The need to drill through the cut roof tiles thus becomes unnecessary, resulting in time savings during installation at ridges and valleys.

Instead of the previously required three variants 003, 004, and 005, only a new variant 100 is now offered, covering the entire clamping range from 7 to 22 mm. Stainless steel in quality 1.4310 ensures long-term durability. The small packaging units of 513, each containing 50 pieces, are particularly practical, for example, during repair work.

FOS hip and valley clip to fix by wire 513-100
Clamping areaCode
10 - 13513003
13 - 17513004
17 -~ 21513005
7 - 22513100
Application pictureVideo


  • Suitable for cut pieces at hip.
  • No perforation of underlays through fixing to hip battens.
  • Wide range of applications thanks to great flexibility.
  • Can be used in a variety of ways as installation aid at connections and terminations.
  • Large clamping range from 7 to 22 mm.
  • Shorter installation time.
  • No hammer needed for tiles up to 16 mm thickness.
  • Small packaging unit: 50 pcs.