492®-2 head-sidelock clip to mount on

In order to simplify the handling of the clip for roofers, FOS® offers the 492®-2 collated on plastic strips. Each strip contains 25 clips and is suitable for the FOS ClipHOLSTER®. The collated clips allow for swift removal from its package.

On the roof the use of the ClipHOLSTER accelerates the installation considerably. Because the ClipHOLSTER is fastened to the belt, the clips are within easy reach. The roofer has his hands free and can therefore work more efficiently. Empty magazine strips can be replaced quickly and conveniently. In practical tests, time savings of up to 25 % were recorded. Note: When mounting 492®-2 strips, the red protective cover cannot be used.

The 492®-2 is suitable for the professional fixing of roof tiles without fourfold covering in the 4-tile corner. The head-sidelock clip holds two tiles at the same time on the batten. This fixing guarantees a high uplift resistance of tiles on pitched roofs.

What is unique about the 492®-2?
The 492®-2 is the only clip that provides a hook to fix both the head and the side fold of roof tiles without a fourfold covering in the 4-tile corner.

The 492®-2 is available in different versions for a variety of roof tiles. The product locator FOS ClipCHECK® determines the perfect clip by entering the area of application, the type of mounting, the roof tile and the batten. Stainless steel BS 304 S 15 or ZIAL® (zinc aluminium) coated surfaces guarantee long durability of the head-sidelock clip. The 492®-2 is offered in small packaging units of 200 pieces each.

Stamp of approval DIN EN 14437FOS quality Made in Germany and tested according to DIN EN 14437

This storm clip has been produced in FOS® quality Made in Germany and tested according to DIN EN 14437.

FOS head-sidelock clip 492-215
BattensBatten thickness mmCode
40 x 50492245
30 x 50492205
30 x 50492207
30 x 50492209
30 x 50492215
30 x 50492219
30 x 50492221
30 x 50492223
30 x 50492225
40 x 50492230
40 x 50492244
40 x 60 mm492208
40 x 60492206
40 x 60492210
40 x 60492216
40 x 60492217
40 x 60492218
40 x 60492220
40 x 60492222
40 x 60492224
40 x 60492226
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  • Storm safety in compliance with professional standards.
  • High quality materials.
  • Deliverable in different designs for various roof tiles.
  • Recommended, when roof tiles do not have fourfold overlapping at the 4-roof-corner.
  • Tool-free installation.
  • Shorter installation time.
  • Small packaging units.
  • Storage on POM strips for FOS ClipHOLSTER®.
  • Low risk of injury.
  • Small packaging unit: 200 pcs.