404®-2 tile hook to drive in

Fibre cement roof and facade tiles are secured with nails and additional tile hooks where necessary. The quite precise thickness of fibre cement roof and facade tiles allows installation with the tile hook 404®-2 with a straight hook shape. The angle of the nail tip was purposely chosen so that the 404®-2 can be nailed into the batten 10 mm above the tile from the front. A true nail end simplifies installation and the additional groves secures the grip. The newly smoothed end of the clip reduces the risk of injuries.

In order to simplify the handling of the hook for roofers, FOS offers the 404®-2 collated on plastic strips. Each strip contains 25 hooks and is suitable for the FOS ClipHOLSTER®. The magazine hook storage on plastic strips enables swift individual hook removal and reduces the risk of injury as well.

On the roof the use of the ClipHOLSTER accelerates the installation considerably. Because the ClipHOLSTER is fastened to the belt, the hooks are within easy reach. The roofer has his hands free and can therefore work more efficiently. Empty magazine strips can be replaced quickly and conveniently. Note: Using the red protective cap reduces the risk of injury.

The hook is available in various lengths for standard tile thicknesses. The length of the tile hook 404®-2 should be 10 mm longer than the head-lap of the selected tiling style. The product locator FOS ClipCHECK® determines the perfect clip by entering the area of application, the type of mounting, the roof tile and the batten. Stainless steel BS 304 S 15 and BS 320 S 31 guarantee long durability of the hook. Tile hooks from black lacquered stainless steel are nearly invisible on roof and facade.

For 4 mm tiles

1.4301 uncoated
1.4301 black
1.4571 uncoated
1.4571 black
FOS tile hook 404 2 28 4
abHook widthCode
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  • High quality materials.
  • Stainless quality deliverable in varnished black as well.
  • Deliverable in different lengths.
  • Nail tip.
  • Ring shanked.
  • Smoothed end of the clip.
  • Shorter installation time.
  • Storage on POM strips for FOS ClipHOLSTER®.
  • Low risk of injury.