410 slate repair hook to nail

The slate repair hook 410 is suitable for quick and professional replacements on nailed or clipped surfaces. It is available in various lengths with a drive-in aid. The product locator FOS ClipCHECK® determines the perfect hook by entering the area of application, the type of mounting, the roof tile and the batten. Stainless steel BS 304 S 15 guarantees long durability of the hook. Slate repair hooks from black coloured stainless steel are nearly invisible on roof and facade. Alternatively, the slate repair hook is also supplied in copper. The 410 is offered in packaging units of 250 pieces each.
1.4301 black
FOS slate repair hook 410 001
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  • High quality materials.
  • Stainless quality deliverable in black coloured as well. The term "black coloured" describes the colouring of the product surface by the coating process "burnishing". The process produces a dark colouring on the product surface. This varies in intensity and can change over time. Especially in acidic environments, a clear colour change can occur. This colour change does not mean that our products are defective.
  • Deliverable in different lengths.
  • Packaging units: 250 pcs.