Improved label design

Simplified handling procedure

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Roofing companies and carpenters trust in the quality of FOS® storm clips and facade hooks. FOS® manufactures customised fixing products for all different roofing materials used throughout Europe. Regardless if for the middle of the pitched roof, on the verge or on the facade, there is a fixing solution for every application. Therefor FOS® has hundreds of different articles on offer. The following helps with orientation in the storm clip range:

Optimized label design, which makes handling easier
The improved label design helps with the search in the warehouse. All relevant information is clearly arranged on the large label at the front of the package. The information is supplemented by an illustration. The QR code can be used to find further information on the product and installation. The new design was triggered by suggestions from our customers. In the interests of sustainability, only newly produced items will receive the improved label; there are no plans to replace stock items. FOS new label designOnline roof tools to help with planning and purchasing.
The FOS ClipCHECK® product finder is available so that customers can quickly select the right product. Location, method of installation, name of roof tile and batten size are the parameters that lead to the correct fitting for each roof. The most important properties of the appropriate storm clips are presented briefly and clearly in the displayed list.

To help customers to keep track of their inventory, there is the FOS CombiCHECK® reverse search function. Applicable country, article code and manufacturer of the roofing material: As a result, all tiles or ridge tiles of the selected manufacturer are displayed that are suitable for the entered clip variant.

To enable everyone to perform the wind uplift calculation quickly and easily, the calculation tool FOS WindCHECK® is available. Location, type of roof tile and batten size, details of roof and building dimensions: These are the factors that lead to the calculation of almost all building projects in Germany, except for buildings in exposed locations.

Good quality that is easy to identify.
In addition: All FOS products are delivered in standard white packaging. So its clear at first glance: This article was made in FOS® quality and is still Made in Germany.