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Storm protection made easy

Full support during planning and execution

Planners, architects, engineers, roofers, contractors and property developers – everyone involved in a construction project has a role to play in the implementation of professional wind uplift protection.

Building owner's liability

Whether new roof or old, the owner of a house or other building has a legal duty to keep it in a safe state, which includes ensuring that nobody gets injured by falling roof tiles. In the event of injury or damage, the owner must prove in a court of law that the property has been properly maintained and its structural integrity regularly inspected. Failure to provide such proof may result in the loss of insurance cover – both third-party liability and building insurance.

Planners and contractors must ensure wind uplift protection

Planners and contractors have a legal obligation to ensure that the planning and installation of the roof covering incorporates professional wind uplift protection that complies with current regulations. Similarly, the architect is responsible for incorporating local wind factors in decisions concerning the orientation, shape and fabric of the building and the choice of suitable materials for the facades.

In order to ensure effective and professional storm protection, FOS offers planners and developers a range of online tools to facilitate the planning process, as well as a huge range of suitable products.