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Growing demand for reliable storm protection

Home owners are increasingly concerned to ensure their home and family are safe and secure. At the same time, they are showing an ever keener interest in the building methods and materials used by roofers and carpenters. Today's customers are increasingly sophisticated. They want to know about the current regulations on securing roof tiles and slates, and they expect to be offered professional and effective storm protection.

Insurance companies demand professional wind uplift protection

Bearing in mind the climate changes we have experienced in recent years and the resulting storm damage, property insurers are stepping up their focus on compliance with wind uplift protection regulations.

Home owners can be held liable for injury or damage caused, for example, by falling roof tiles unless they can prove compliance with the regulations on wind uplift protection and that the roof has been regularly maintained. Failure to do so may result in the loss of insurance cover – both third-party liability and building insurance.

Streamlined installation with storm clips

Compared to other fixing solutions, storm clips offer roofers significant time savings. System tests in accordance with EN 14437 confirm (e.g. in the case of concrete roofing tiles) that anchoring every second tile with a sidelock clip is more effective than fixing each individual tile with two nails through the tile head.