Advantages for contractors

Certainty and efficiency with FOS storm clips

2011 saw important changes to the code of practice of the German National Association of Roofing Contractors (ZVDH) aimed at ensuring professional wind uplift protection. This code of practice, which is binding for all roofers, prescribes that only tested storm clips may be used with new roof coverings – and that these clips must accommodate a range of factors, such as wind zone, roof shape and roof area.

Home owners want to be informed

When you use FOS storm clips, you give the home owner the certainty that the work is regulation-compliant. Home owners are increasingly concerned to ensure their home and family are safe and secure. At the same time, they are showing an ever keener interest in the building methods and materials used by roofers and carpenters. Today's customers are increasingly sophisticated. They want to know about the current regulations on securing roof tiles and slates, and they expect to be offered professional and effective storm protection. You can give that certainty by explaining the need for professional storm protection and by offering the right clips for the chosen roof tiles.

Added reassurance thanks to documented evidence

We offer all the relevant documentation and test reports you need to prove compliance to home owners and insurance companies.

Efficiency and effective protection with FOS storm clips

Compared to other fixing solutions, storm clips offer roofers significant time savings. System tests in accordance with EN 14437 confirm (e.g. in the case of concrete roofing tiles) that anchoring every second tile with a sidelock clip is more effective than fixing each individual tile with two nails through the tile head.

Quick and easy to use

FOS storm clips are quick and easy to use. According to various time charts, the extra time required for anchoring a roof covering on a house using contoured roof tiles with up to 10.5 tiles per sq.m is 3 minutes per sq. m. While this makes the job slightly longer, it also means that you give your customer a professional stormproof roof AND generate more sales for your business.