Top Supplier of the Year 2020

Award from Eurobaustoff Cooperation

The year 2020 has taken us all out of our comfort zone. After decades in business, we tend to think we've seen it all. But this year has taught us that we can still learn. In manager speak, we like to talk about "challenging situations" that we may encounter. This year, there was a task to be done for which there were no guidelines. And it is precisely when things do not go according to plan that well-grounded partnerships play a significant role. What has been important this year is a cooperation that, despite difficult circumstances, has been characterised by appreciation, professionalism, trust and fairness. Therefore, the entire FOS team is pleased that we have been awarded as TOP supplier by the Roof and Façade unit of the Eurobaustoff Cooperation. This award does not serve us as a resting comfort, but as a motivation.

FOS TOP Lieferant 2020
Compared to other industry sectors, the construction industry has come through the year relatively well. We are very grateful for that. We enter 2021 with confidence and face the tasks ahead. To keep the people and the economy alive in solidarity.