Stored head-sidelock clip 492®-2 for the FOS ClipHOLSTER®

Reduction of installation time by up to 25 %

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FOS head-sidelock clip 492-2 magazined for ClipHOLSTER

With the head-sidelock clip 492®-2 on magazine storage you profit from:
  • New magazine storage
    The 492®-2 clips are delivered on magazine strips made of plastic. Each strip holds 25 clips and is suitable for the mobile belt holster FOS ClipHOLSTER®. The magazine storage enables a quick and orderly single extraction of the clips. When mounting 492®-2 strips, the red protective cover cannot be used.
  • Reduction of installation time by up to 25 %
    On the roof, the magazine storage simplifies the assembly of the clips; the reaching distance of the holster accelerates the process significantly. In practical tests, a saving of time by up to 25 % was calculated during the assembly of the 492®-2 together with the ClipHOLSTER®. Empty magazine strips are replaced quickly and easily.  
  • High wind uplift resistance
    The 492®-2 is suitable for the proper fastening of tiles without fourfold coverage in the 4-tile corner. The head-side rebate clip holds two tiles on the batten at the same time: one on the side-lock, one on the head-lock. This fastening guarantees a high uplift resistance. The 492®-2 is the only clip that secures the head and the side-lock of tiles with a hook at the same time without fourfold coverage in the 4-tile corner.
  • Large selection in versions
    The 492®-2 is available in different versions for different tiles. With the FOS ClipCHECK, the suitable version can be found quickly under specification of the application area, the assembly type, the tiles and the batten.  
The 492®-2 replaces the well-tried 492; all versions will be available in the next months.