Review 2018 and forecast 2019

from Michael Wecker, general and sales manager

At the start of 2018, we were curious how the year would develop. Prospects were mixed and ongoing projects were diverse. Now the year has passed and in retrospect it was even more exciting than anticipated. The challenges for our logistics partners have intensified and sourcing primary material was subject to strong fluctuations and shortages.

fos komplexe dachformen

The pitched roof industry remains in a difficult place. So it was satisfying to see that the importance of storm protection is increasing and storm safety is implemented by more and more roof installers. Although the skilled labour situation remains challenging.

Overall we can look back onto 2018 with gratitude. The long-standing partnership relations with our vendors and buyers have proven their worth and helped us to stabilise our position.

We were able to continue our ongoing internal projects with success. We completed some of these projects, such as the conversion of the 456-2 sidelock clip (collated on strips). Other projects, such as the introduction of a new ERP system, will keep us on our toes in 2019.

The forecast of 2019 in various European markets is again very exciting. It usually is at the start of the year. The subject of Brexit and its impact on the development across the EU and UK markets, of course, is by far the most unknown factor to us.

All in all, however, the entire FOS team is looking forward to tackling another year and is motivated to work on ensuring that our partners and end users, who use our products and services, are satisfied and can also work successfully.