Our most popular clip on the market is soon available collated

Advantages of the sidelock clip 456®-2 are quick assembly and high up-lift resistance

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FOS sidelock clip 456-2 magazined for ClipHOLSTER FOS will start delivering the 456®-2 sidelock clip collated on plastic strips from mid 2018. Roofers will benefit from simplified handling and shorter assembly times when they work with the 456®-2 strips from the ClipHOLSTER.

The 456® was developed by FOS in response to benchmark changes in the national roofer’s regulation in Germany in 2011 specifically to improve the securing of tiles. It has become the most frequently used storm clip for professional fixing of tiles on pitched roofs in Germany and therefore plays an important role in day to day life of roofing contractors and carpenters.  

Easier handling
In order to simplify the handling of the clip for roofers, FOS offers the 456®-2 collated on plastic strips from the middle of the year. Each strip contains 25 clips and is suitable for the FOS ClipHOLSTER®. The collated clips allow for swift removal from its package. When mounting 456®-2 strips, the red protective cover cannot be used.

Shorter installation time
On the roof the use of the ClipHOLSTER accelerates the installation considerably. Because the ClipHOLSTER is fastened to the belt, the clips are within easy reach. The roofer has his hands free and can therefore work more efficiently. In practical tests, time savings of up to 25 % were recorded.

High up-lift resistance
The 456®-2 is mounted onto the batten from the back. A special notch on the clip guarantees a secure hold on the batten at all times. The hook of the clip is placed in the outer sidelock of the roof tile. The clip holds three tiles in the four-tile corner. The optimised shape prevents the elongation of the clip under load.

Easy replacement of single tiles
Single roof tiles secured with the 456®-2 can be replaced quickly and easily if damaged by weather or age.

Wide variety of applications
The sidelock clip 456®-2 will be available in various types for a wide range of roof tiles. Our online tool FOS ClipCHECK will help to find the most suitable clip for your application. The 456®-2 replaces the 456 with all its variants at the same price and is available in stainless steel and ZIAL.