Optimised sidelock clip 409®-2 for the mobile FOS ClipHOLSTER®

Reduction of installation time by up to 25 %

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We are starting the new year with two new products, which significantly reduce the installation time.
The tried and tested classic sidelock clip 409® has been optimized in its form and stored on plastic strips, the further development is marketed under the name 409®-2. The mobile changing magazine for the belt, the FOS ClipHOLSTER®, is a completely new developed roofing tool.

FOS sidelock clip 409-2You can benefit from the following advantages of the optimised sidelock clip 409®-2:

  • Magazine storage:
    The 409®-2 clips are supplied on plastic magazine strips. Every strip holds 25 clips and is suitable for the mobile FOS ClipHOLSTER®.
  • Reduction of installation time by up to 25 %:
    On the roof, the new magazine storage simplifies installation the clips, the proximity of the holster handle makes the process considerably quicker. In practice tests, up to 25 % time savings were achieved during mounting of the 409®-2 together with the ClipHOLSTER. The red protective cover reduces the risk of injury as well.
  • Shorter installation times:
    In the case of the angular 409®-2, the angle in the shank produces an offset of approximately 1 cm from the sidelock. In the case of the round 409®-2, the round eye enables lateral turning away from the sidelock. The offset makes it easier to drive in the clip.
  • FOS quality seal:
    Even after decades, the fact that every clip is embossed with the FOS logo provides proof that you are using a high-quality brand product.
  • Modified grooved section:
    The new embossed grooved section increases the clip’s pull-out resistance from the wood.
  • Additional collar:
    The visible marking by means of a collar on the impact tip clearly indicates the minimum depth to which the clip can be driven in.
  • Optimised tip lengths:
    Unlike the 409®, the 409®-2 is available in five different tip lengths as opposed to four: 42 mm, 52 mm, 62 mm, 72 mm and 82 mm. This results in a better ratio between the tip length and the penetration depth in the batten and therefore between the tip length and the roof tile. All of the roof tiles’ assignments to the new lengths were checked and determined. With the FOS ClipCHECK they can be quickly determined by specifying the area of application, the installation type, the roof tile and the batten.

We offer our 409®-2 with the usual stainless steel and ZIAL® finishes, here you find the video.

FOS ClipHOLSTER 609Practical installation aid FOS ClipHOLSTER®
  • What is a ClipHOLSTER?
    The FOS ClipHOLSTER® is a mobile changing magazine for the belt for the FOS clips stored on magazine strips.
  • How does the ClipHOLSTER make wind uplift protection easier?
    The newly developed magazine clip storage on plastic strips enables swift individual clip removal, while the proximity of the holster handle makes the process quicker. Handling of the clips when implementing storm protection is simplified and made faster, and the risk of injury is reduced as well.
  • Which clips can be used?
    The sidelock clip 409®-2 and the head-sidelock clip 453-2; other clips will follow this year. A variety of FOS clips will be supplied stored on plastic magazine strips over time.

Please take a look at the video.

We wish you a successful new year 2017!

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