FOS Product numbers explained

A question was raised during our last survey regarding the meaning of our FOS product numbers. We are pleased to provide you a brief explanation:

code explained

The first 3 digits represent product groups, eg. side-fold clip 456.

A letter is sometimes added making this letter-digit set the product group.

The first 3 indicators of Nordmark is a combination of a digit and 2 letters. This combination also represents the product group.

The next 2-3 digits are serial numbers representing different variants within the product group (456), for most fixations have different characteristics, eg. varying lengths, round or angular tips. As such, the 6-digit code is formed combining the first 3-4 digits  (product group) with the next 2-3 digits (serial numbers). These different code variations are allocated respectively to specific roof tiles to ensure perfect fit.

The last indicators provide further references to our products, eg.  materials or colours.