Collated sidelock clip 499-2 for the FOS ClipHOLSTER®

Minimum installation time – maximum application possibilities

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Benefits of the collated sidelock clip 499-2:

FOS sidelock clip 499-2 magazined for ClipHOLSTER
  • Collated Strips:
    In order to simplify the handling of our clips, FOS now offers the 499-2 collated on plastic strips. Each strip holds 25 clips. They are compatible with the FOS ClipHOLSTER® installation accelerator. The collating system allows for the clips to be removed in a quick and efficient manner during installation.
  • Reducing installation time by up to 25%:
    On the roof, the use of our portable holster speeds up the assembly quite considerably. Because it is attached to the belt, the clips are within easy reach. The installer has his hands free and can therefore work more efficiently. Empty plastic strips can be swapped out easily. Practical tests have shown time savings of up to 25 %. Note: The red protective cover on the ClipHOLSTER is not required with 499-2 strips.
  • Large variety of sizes:
    The collated sidelock clip 499-2 can be fitted onto a 30 x 50 and 40 x 60 batten due to its specific design. Stainless steel or ZIAL® (Zinc-Aluminium) coated wire guarantee the long durability of the storm clip. The clip is available in various lengths and with round and square ends. With the FOS ClipCHECK® the suitable type can be quickly selected by specifying the application, type of installation, roof tile and batten size.
The 499-2 replaces the long established 499; all styles will be available over the next few months.