Clipping instead of sweating

Securing cut roof tiles efficiently on the pitched roof

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FOS Head-foot clip 403d-2 magazined for ClipHOLSTER Keeping cut roof tiles around windows and hips in place with wire, is tiring and time consuming. This can be done much quicker and more efficiently with the collated 403®-2 and 403®d-2 head and tail clips.

The tool-free 403®-2 clip as well as the 403®d-2 clip for nailing are positioned in the overlapping area of two roof tiles and secure the tile in the top and bottom section. Both clips prevent tiles from slipping down. The proper nail tip of the 403®d-2 makes it easy to position the clip, while the smoothing at the other end reduces the risk of injury.

In addition to keeping cut pieces in place, the clips can also be used for complete roof tiles with little or no head lock.

Both the 403®-2 and the 403®d-2 clip are now supplied collated on plastic strips. The plastic strip allows a quick and systematic removal of the clips and reduces the risk of injury. Each strip holds 25 clips and can be fitted into the FOS ClipHOLSTER®.

The holster is made of high quality and durable polyoxymethylene. The ClipHOLSTER can be fitted with the side lock clips 409®-2 and 456®-2 as well as the clips 453-2 and 492®-2. Depending on which clip is fitted to the clip holster, it is used with or without the protective shield.

The 403®-2 and 403®d-2 Head-Foot clips are available in different designs for different roof tiles and batten dimensions. With our online tool FOS ClipCHECK you can quickly find the most suitable clip for your application: Select the area of the roof, the roof tile and the batten size.