Clip system:

Two which belong together like hammer and chisel: the collated FOS storm clips and the installation accelerator FOS ClipHOLSTER®.

FOS Clipholster Klammern mit System
In combination they accelerate installation on the pitched roof and the facade. Installer benefit from easier handling. We have answered some common questions here.

Why does FOS provide storm clips on collated strips?
And what is the reason for “Clip system“?
How does the installation accelerator FOS ClipHolster® work?

Not only are collated clips easier to remove from the packaging but more importantly the risk of obtaining an injury is reduced. The installer can really speed up when the strips are held in the ClipHOLSTER, which is within easy reach attached to their belt. The reduction of the installation time by up to 25 % is only achieved if the collated strip is used in combination with the ClipHOLSTER. The clip removal from the strip in the ClipHOLSTER accelerates the installation process considerably. Depending on the clip type, the installation accelerator is used with or without the red protective cover.

For the 409®-2 and 409®b-2 sidelock clips and the 404®-2 and 461®-2 slate hooks, its recommended to use the protective cover to reduce the risk of injury from the nail tips. For the following clips the ClipHOLSTER can be used without the protective cover: For the head foot clips 403®-2 and 403®d-2, the head sidelock clips 453-2 and 492®-2, the sidelock clip 456®-2 and the slate hook 460®-2.