Article number printed on collated strip

Identification of the article variant made easy

Several FOS clips are now delivered collated on strips: The sidelock clips 409®-2 and 456®-2, the head-sidelock clips 453-2 and 492®-2, the head-foot clips 403®-2 and 403®d-2 as well as the slate and tile hooks 404®-2460®-2 and 461®-2. The roofer benefits from reduced risk of injury and reduced installation of up to 25 % by using the FOS ClipHOLSTER®.

Now FOS added an additional benefit: The article number is printed on the magazine clip, so that the clip is easily identified even after the packaging has been removed.

FOS printing on magazine strips with article number

What advantages does the printed article number provide? If the roofer runs out of clips on the site, the clip can easily be identified and reordered using the printed article number. If any clips are left over, the FOS CombiCHECK® can be used to quickly determine for where the clips can be used.

For example, the FOS CombiCHECK® provides the information that FOS clip 456212 can be used with a 40 x 60 mm batten for:

Palema S, Benders Dachstein
Doppel-S, Braas
Doppel-S Aerlox von Braas
Harzer Pfanne 7 (Big) und F +, Braas
Rubin 15V, Braas
Taunus Pfanne, Braas
Göteborg, Creaton
Heidelberg, Creaton
Verona, Creaton
Kronen-Pfanne, Nelskamp    
Sigma-Pfanne, Nelskamp     
Sigma-Pfanne EasyLife, Nelskamp     
S-Pfanne, Nelskamp
Elsass, Röben     
Rheinland, Röben
Tradi 15, Wienerberger Koramic

Please note that the use of tile clips should be calculated for each object and each roof tile with our wind load calculation tool FOS WindCHECK®.