Aid for the Ukraine

FOS team actively helps with flat renovation for refugees

With a financial contribution towards medical supplies and additional material donations, FOS® has helped the people affected by the war in Ukraine and the women and children seeking refuge in Europe. We have had ties to the Ukraine by supporting soup kitchens for decades. "The situation of the people in the Ukraine (quite a few of whom we know personally) concerns my family very much. Expanding our aid to this country was therefore clear to us from the start!", says Jan Kaemper, Managing Director at FOS®. Together with Michael Wecker, Sales Manager, and the "Social Engagement" project team, it was decided to provide extensive medical supplies for ten hospitals in Ukraine as part of the DB "Rail Bridge" project.

FOS Ukraine HilfeIn addition, FOS® donated kindergarten bags, school satchels and children's slippers locally to the "Citizens Helping Citizens" association in Iserlohn. About 30 people from Ukraine arrive there every day. The opportunity to help provided precious rays of hope that alleviated the suffering of affected people a little bit. This also helped us to cope with the ongoing sad news from Ukraine.

FOS Ukraine Hilfe Iserlohn