5 years of FOS ClipHOLSTER®

The holster for collated storm clips simplifies wind up lift protection

5 years FOS ClipHOLSTER

Many roofing companies have been able to speed up their storm protection. How come? The installation accelerator FOS ClipHOLSTER® is the key. It was released onto the market by FOS® five years ago, aiming to make installation of wind up lift protection easier on pitched roofs. The holster is attached to the belt and holds the collated storm clips. On the roof and facade, the use of the clip holder significantly increases installation speed and thus decreases valuable time spent working on the roof. A reduction in assembly time of up to 25 % is possible. By inserting the collated strips into the holster, the storm clips are always within reach. Roof contractors have their hands free and can work quicker. Injuries caused by sharp nail tips and a jumbled mess inside the package are both a thing of the past. Many of the FOS storm clips are now offered on collated strips PDF (1,04 MB) . We think that calls for a celebration!