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About FOS

The climate conditions in Europe have become ever more unpredictable. It has been proven that the strength and frequency of storms and hurricanes are on the increase, thus posing a threat for the secure fixing of roof coverings using roof and concrete tiles. 

In particular, tiles at all perimeters (Eave, Ridge, Verge,Abutments, Hips and Valleys) are vulnerable. BS 5534:2014 states that all roof tiles are fixed and that the perimeter tiles must be fixed twice.

In order to prevent damage and possible injuries, roof coverings must be secured against wind suction. This is particularly necessary in the “Local Area”of a roof where in most cases tile, verge and eave clips are required.

The suitability of tile clips for roof and concrete tiles has been established across Europe in accordance with EN 14437 since 2005. Combinations of roof tiles and clips are tested through a system check. The resulting values are then treated as resistant forces used against wind suction, valid only for the tested combinations.

An exact analysis of clip selection is therefore necessary before any roof coverings take place.

Please kindly observe the local regulations in your country regarding choice and usage of products for wind suction security.

FOS has been a specialist in wind suction security for over 100 years. We manufacture and deliver fixing solutions for all current roof tiles and facade claddings. We strive for quality in our service, providing best suited clips for each individual applications and examining them according to EN 14437 using our in-house test system.

It is also crucial for us to keep close collaboration with roof and concrete tile manufacturers so as to maintain practical relevance and to guarantee that the clips we produce are fit for purpose. 

FOS provides competent trade and industrial advice, our telephone consultation service is available at +49 (0) 2372 / 55 8 99-0.

In addition, daily-updated extensive information can be obtained from our comprehensive online service on the internet.

We strive to deliver storm-proof fixing solutions, besides substantial information, within 48 hours (in Germany) after receiving orders at our 2 German sites. Cost-intensive time delays at construction sites are now a matter of the past. Delivery is carried out by our industrial and trading partners.