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Mittwoch, 2. März 2011

New regulations for Germany

The corresponding calculator is online

The technical regulations for Germany of ZVDH were changed on 1 March 2011. FOS supports you with

our very own calculator. Results will be presented as followed:
a. All latest classified clips will be displayed for your chosen roof tiles.
b. Exact information of whether and how, and roof areas that require fixation.
c. Determination of stripe width.
d. Determination of quantity required for individual roof areas.

Classifications containing possible wind suction calculations will be updated regularly.

our manual “Professional wind suction security”. All necessary information for ensuring conformity to technical regulations of storm security can be found in this book. You may access it online at www.fos.de under the section of “Service/Windsogberechnung” or email us at infomail@fos.de to request for your free copy (only in German language available).